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AMI-C diamond polisher
First fully automated diamond tool polishing machine designed to offer high-quality finishes. The AMI-C is available in 2 lengths and specially designed for polishing methacrylate (PMMA) and acrylics with a perfect high-quality finish. This new polishing machine includes a tilting screen and other optionals. Also, its head can be positioned to obtain bevels up to 60º lean. It will increase productivity by piling the pieces up. The standard equipment of the diamond edge polisher machine is designed to make the job easier and faster, getting an excellent quality. Moreover, its optional, makes AMI-C adjustable to the needs of each client machine, finding the balance between price and functionality. The AMI-C can increase productivity by polishing multiple piled pieces. Thanks to its tilting screen, you can polish several pieces while maintaining the same high quality finish and obtain bevels of up to 60º inclination. One of its options, the Buffing System (patented) eliminates the marks of the protective film or glue leaving an unbeatable finish. Thanks to this system a smooth and shiny finish is achieved without additional processes.
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El espesor máximo de la hoja
120 mm.
Cut profundidad
0 - 4 mm.
Herramienta de diamante velocidad de rotación
6.600 - 12.000 RPM.
Velocidad de alimentación (metroc por minuto)
0 to 20 meter per minute
Máximo tamaño de hoja
+/- 2100 / 3100 mm.
Tensión de conexión
380 V.
De peso
+/- 2300 / 3000 kg.
Ángulo de fresado
Yes automatic from -2 to +60 degrees