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Liter M.E.K.

1 Liter M.E.K. (Methylethylketon)
Cooling fluid for flamepolishers to bring the clean flame on the perfect polish-temperature.
Download the safety sheet (PDF)

Torch Tips (G-17 till G-24)

Model 300: G21-G24
Model 500: G20-G24
Model 800: G18-G24
Model 1200: G17-G24

Torch blue handle

The torch blue handle for all flamepolishers is available with or without T-piece and extra tubing for working with 2 handles simultaneous.

Caustic Solution

Solution for a clean gas production to be mixed with distilled water. The amount needed per machine:
A Plus (350 grams)
Super A (625 grams)
Model B (2x 625 grams)

Black tube (per 2 meters)

We advise to renew the black tubing on the in- and outside of the machines every 3 to 4 years.

Transparent tube (per 2 meters)

We advise to renew the transparent tubing on the inside of the machines every 3 to 4 years.

Machine service

We advise to service the machines every 3 to 4 years. By servicing the machine it will be completely checked for failures and cleaned on the inside, caustic solution and distilled water will be renewed. All internal and outside tubing will be replaced together with the rubber rings and washers in the atomiser and water cells. Shannon provides a quick and thorough service for all the machines.

Estructura de soporte con ruedas y frenos.

These very stable underframes are suitable for our series of flame polishing machines. They are developed for the ideal working-height. Supplied with 4 wheels, of which 2 with brake and a store place.