Shannon BV established since 1989, situated in Wateringen, The Netherlands, has gained an excellent reputation during the years in the fabrication and selling of plastic bendingmachines, flame- and diamondpolishingmachines.

Shannon BV has gained this high reputation by delivering high quality machines, innovation, flexibility and a good and very fast service.

Shannon BV delivers around the world and has various agents in Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the United States, Australia, Thailand and the Gulf Region.

The modular constructed bending machines are suitable for heating all kinds of thermoplastics such as acrylic, styrene, polycarbonate, PVC etc. and are developed to operate 24/7 without water-cooling.
Also various accessories are available: foilbendingprofiles, reflectors with several heating-wires, fixtures and underframes.

The polishing-machines are available in different models and lengths, suitable for polishing i.e. acrylic.

Shannon has a background of bending and polishing plastic sheets and used her years of experience and knowledge in developing and manufacturing the specialised machinery. For questions about bending and polishing you can always contact us for a professional advise or to make an appointment without any obligation to see these machines in our showroom.