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The Shannon HRM is a very productive bending machine, standard equipped with under heating, consisting of quickly adjustable profiles with an heatingwire. (15 mm. or 30 mm. wide) The heatingwires can be adjusted in height. The temperature of the heatingwires are controlled continuously variable with an EV- or DB-regulating unit. (EV for 1 heatingwire and DB for 2 heatingwires) The manual controlled upper frame consist out of 3 parts and is provided with multiple adjustable clamping bars. Durable sliding-panels of the working surface can be brought into place or completely detached with ease. A parallel stop is supplied with Inch- and Millimetre-scale. The machine is modular constructed and internally prepared to easily be expanded with extra profiles and/or regulating units.
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HRM 125

Standard construction
EV regulating unit = to control 1 wire.
DB regulating unit = to control 1 or 2 wires.

2 reflectors with 2 EV regulating units
Working length
125 cm.
Sheet thickness
0,4 - 6 mm.
Distance between reflectors (centre to centre)
15 – 620 mm.
Adjustable clamping bars
Standard equipped with 2 pieces
110 kg.
Connection voltage
220 - 230 Volt.

Custom made machines and special machine lengths on request.