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The Shannon AFF-D 135 is a highly productive automatic bending machine for handling thin plastic plates. The AFF-D 135 is a further development of the AFF 135, with the difference that it allows two simultaneous bends. Multiple sheets can be bent in one go, or one sheet up to a length of 135 cm can be bent in one go. The machine is equipped with two heating profile consisting of a brass profile, a heating element and a Teflon coated contact sword. The temperature and contact time of those are very precisely adjustable electronically. The contact swords are easily replaceable with swords of different sizes, depending on the desired radius of the bends. Each bending line has a protractor to set the correct bending angle, vacuum system and pressure bars to keep the material flat and in the correct position. The complete front bending line (heating profile, bending and vacuum system) can be easily moved to adjust the distance between two bending lines. Also, one of the two bending lines can be switched off if only one bend is to be made. The bending cycle is started by a foot switch. After which the plates are automatically heated, bent and cooled in the set time. The durable heat resistant worktop has an adjustable stop. The machine comes with a mobile underframe with brakes for an ideal working height.

AFF-D 135

Standard construction

2 heating elements, 2 temperature controllers and automatic bending system
Working length
135 cm.
Sheet thickness
50 460 mm.
175 kg.
Connection voltage
220 - 230 Volt.

Custom made machines and special machine lengths on request.