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The Shannon AFF is an easy to operate, and very productive automatic bending machine for thin plastic sheets. 1 or several sheets can be bent at once, or there can be bent 1 sheet up to a length of 135 cm. The machine is provided with an accurately adjustable electronic heating element. This heating element can also be controlled in contact-time. The material is heated by a teflonised sword. This sword is easy to replace by others with a different size, so that the radius can be adjusted accordingly. The upper frame is provided with an adjustable clamping bar. The machine is also provided with a vacuum system which will hold the sheets into place during heating, bending and cooling. Controlling the heating element is done by a footswitch. After which the heating, bending and cooling are done in the time necessary. During the cooling process, cold air is blown onto the bent parts to increase production speed. The angle of the bent can be adjusted through the protractor. The durable Trespa work sheet is provided with an adjustable stop. The machine is provided with a mobile underframe with breaks for an ideal working height.
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AFF 135

Standard construction

1 teflon coated heating element
Working length
135 cm / 4'5"
Standard sheet thickness
0,2 – 1,0 mm
Maximum sheet thickness
1.5 mm
Adjustable clamping bars
Standard 1 provided.
Angle setting
0 - 180°
175 kg.
Air connection
6 — 8 Bar
Connection voltage
220 - 230 Volt.

Custom made machines and special machine lengths on request.