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The economical SH-450 is a compact and very productive diamond polishing machine for the plastic sheet processing industry. It produces a clear, glossy polished edge on acrylic sheets up to a thickness of 45 mm. The plastic sheets are automatically fed by two speed-adjustable conveyor belts across a special diamond cutter. Several thin plates can also be passed through the machine at the same time without loss of quality. The machine is provided with an emergency stop, multiple safety guards, input and output guidance and adjustable feet for levelling. The SH-450 comes standard with a 2 cutter natural diamond head and is able to polish PMMA and other plastics like PC and PET-G with an high gloss finish. Underframes are available for a stable guidance of bigger sheets
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Maximum sheet thickness with single flame pass
Cut depth
0,5 mm
Rotations speed diamondtool
15.000 RPM
Feed speed (meter per minute)
upto 4,2 meter per minute
Maximum sheet size
+/- 3.100 mm.
Connection voltage
380 V.
400 kg.
Milling angle or bevelled edge
4x EV regulating unit, 4x underreflector and 2x upperreflector