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This diamond polishingmachine EF-200 is suitable for the polishing / grinding of e.g. acrylic and polycarbonate with a maximum thickness of 20 mm. with a clear, high quality finish. Single or mulitple workpieces are fed by two constant tension precision gear driven belt assemblies across a special diamond cutter mounted on a high speed super precise spindle. The machine is standard equipped with 1 natural diamondtool, a complete set of tools for setup, adjustment and operation along with a depth indicator and base for setting cutter height. Spare synthetic or natural diamondtools with a clear or satin finish are available. A specially designed underframe is also available to easily transit large sheets through the machine. See our 'diamondpolishing accessories'.
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Maximum sheet thickness with single flame pass
20 mm.
Cut depth
0,5 mm.
Rotations speed diamondtool
24.000 RPM
Feed speed (meter per minute)
Variabel. (1.0 tbv PMMA / 2.0 tbv PC)
Maximum sheet size
+/- 3.000 mm. (with supportframe)
Connection voltage
230 V.
50 kg.
Milling angle or bevelled edge