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Our BOX polishing machine is a compact and highly productive diamond polishing machine for the plastics processing industry. It guarantees a clear, polished finish on plastic sheets up to a thickness of 20 mm. at a 90 degree angle. With the included clamps it is possible to polish multiple thin plates in one pass. The machine is equipped with an adjustable feed motor to allow the plastic plates to be fed over the diamond head at an even speed. The diamond head is easy to change and the BOX polishing machine can be equipped with synthetic diamond head red for a shiny result or with a synthetic diamond head green for a satin finish.
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Maximum sheet thickness with single flame pass
20 mm
Cut depth
0,5 mm
Rotations speed diamondtool
18.000 RPM
Feed speed (meter per minute)
upto 1,5 meter per minute
Maximum sheet size
+/- 1.000 mm.
Connection voltage
220 - 230 V.
15 kg.
Milling angle or bevelled edge
4x EV regulating unit, 4x underreflector and 2x upperreflector