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EF-200 underframe

Middle-frame: To stabilize the machine on the ideal working-height with 4 adjustable feet.
To polish bigger sheets, the machine is equipped with a roller and 2 guiding-wheels. These are easily adjustable in height and depth or can be removed from the frame.
2 Outer-frames: For a stable feed and transport of long plastic sheets. Equipped with adjustable supporting tracks, feet and guiding wheels.

Diamondtools (Bermaq, Shannon Diamond Polisher)

Bermaq, Shannon Diamond Polisher
For our big diamondpolishing machines (Bermaq, Shannon etc) we have discs with 4 housing. These discs can be used as 2-, 3- and 4-cutter. Natural and/or Synthetic Diamondtools can very easily be changed for a clear or satin finish. Special tools for PC, PETG or special high speed precutters for PMMA XT are also available.
Brochure 4-cutter

Diamondtools (EF-200, EF-2000, EBM)

EF-200, EF-2000, Edge Bevelling Machine
Our smaller diamondpolishing machines (EF-200, EF-2000 and EBM) have other diamondtools. Natural and Synthetic diamondtools with 2-, 3- or 4-cutters are available for different polishing speeds. Satin and clear finish resullts are possible for PMMA XT, PMMA GS, PETG and PC etc.
Brochure 2-cutter
Brochure 3-cutter
Brochure 4-cutter


Manually chamfer with ceramic cutter single and double blades are available. Download the handtools brochure (PDF)