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Shannon's range of Flamepolishers are the ideal devices for the modern acrylic processing industry. With these machines the cut or sawed edges of clear acrylic sheets can be polished efficiently with ease. Sharp edges, round edges and free spaces in acrylic sheets quickly smoothen in the flame's path. The clean flame is brought on the perfect polish-temperature for acrylics by the combination of caustic solution, distilled water and M.E.K. The machines are complete supplied for instant use: Filled with Caustic Solution and distilled water and provided with 1 litre of M.E.K. and 6 different sizes Torch Tips (12 pieces).
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Standaard uitvoering
Compleet gevuld en voorzien van 12 torch tips en 1 liter M.E.K.
Maximale verwerkbare dikte
10 mm
Mogelijk tot werken met 2 vlamhandels
120 l/h
30 kg.
230 V.