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Shannon Polisher
The diamond polishingmachine is an indispensable machine for the professional acrylicmanufacturer and is suitable for polishing / grinding larger series up to a thickness of 120 mm, equiped with an adjustable diamondtool so that fecets- and angels can be polished easily.
Together with the new HIGH SPEED milling head this means that at a cutting depth of 0.5 mm and a loading height of 120 mm will result in a chip volume of 90 cm³ / min. Therefore this machine is the fastest on the market. As a comparison, the BERMAQ Ami achieves 35-50 cm³/min.
It's also possible, by a special diamondcutter, to create a matt finish. Available in 3 different lengths: 1550 / 210 and 310 cm.
The Working length of 1.550 mm (3.100 : 2) so that the whole piece can be polished by turning it over.
The machine is equipped with 4 pneumatic clamps with the option to add 4 more clamps. For this purpose further compressed air plugs need to be arranged on the bridge. In order to reduce the cost for the compressed air, it should be possible to switch off those clamping cylinders not in use. The safety is ensured by using a two step clamping pressure. The first step is a one handed operation: light pressure. It holds the pieces in place, but does not injure any fingers. The second step is a two handed operation: full pressure.
Shannon Polisher Accessories >
Maximum sheet thickness with single flame pass
120 mm.
Cut depth
0 - 3 mm.
Rotations speed diamondtool
10.000 - 12.000 RPM.
Polishing speed
0 to 3 meter per minute
Maximum sheet size
+/- 3100 mm.
Connection voltage
230 V.
+/- 1500 kg. kg.
Milling angle or bevelled edge